On behalf of all nine-man football players across Saskatchewan, I am pleased to inform you that the first annual 9-Man Challenge Cup, will be played in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 6th, 2019.  This game replaces the SasKota Bowl that began in 2004 and that was played for so many years. 

This game features approximately 60 of the top nine-man football players from rural Saskatchewan and Manitoba going head to head in a very exciting one-game showdown. Athletes that are eligible are chosen from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba respectively and their athletic abilities will be on display for fans. They will be participating in a game that is the stage for young rural football players to showcase their talents, which may assist them with future football opportunities as well as assist them in building life skills for whatever lies ahead, be it education or football at the next level.   


John Svenson 

Head Coach 2019 Team Saskatchewan