Equipment required for rent from MMF OR MCS:

• Helmets, 

• shoulder pads

• football pants

The above football equipment costs in excess of $450 to replace and must be treated with the utmost care!!!


• Must be fitted by one of the coaches. (Coach Svenson is only one trained)

• Cannot be altered in any way.

• The purpose of a helmet is to protect the player and they are not to be dropped, thrown or sat on.

• Shell must be checked for signs of visible damage regularly by the player/parent.

• All helmet screws should be tightened every 2 weeks by player/parent.

• Chinstraps must be adjusted properly prior to first practice.

• Helmets must continue to fit properly and if this is ever in question player/parent must inform a coach or trainer. (ie. after a haircut)

Shoulder Pads:

• Must be fitted by one of the coaches.

• Cannot be altered in any way.

• All straps are to be used to fasten the shoulder pad to the player.

• Are to be properly strapped up and tied up for each practice and game.

• Must be put into the jersey prior to putting the shoulder pads and jersey on.

Girdles/Football Pants:

• Must be checked by one of the coaches

• Are intended to fit tight as long as all pads protect properly

• Can be laundered weekly as long as NO BLEACH IS USED!

• These items must be dried on low air setting or hung up to air dry.