U18 Division


2019 Senior Roster

2019 Senior Roster


The U18 Divsion formerly known as Senior Division is for Grades 9-11.

Sessions TBA

All on field sessions will be at one of the Melville Comprehensive School Fields.

Any classroom sessions, showing video, sharing strategy, or going over plays on the whiteboard, will take place in the Melville Comprehensive School.

Practices are never cancelled!!!!! (Opportunities to train indoors or watch video if weather doesn’t cooperate)

 All players must attend the majority of practices to participate in scrimmages/games.

Players require the following personal items daily:

• mouth guard

• shorts or sweat pants

• t-shirt

• socks

• running shoes (for in gym)

• cleats –rubber or plastic tip only! –NO STEEL cleats please!

• towel

**Please note personal items should be laundered once a week to prevent bacteria growth and possible infection.**  NO HOT WATER TO WASH JERSEYS

2019 Senior Roster

2019 Senior Roster

2019 Senior Roster


Melville Senior Vipers 2019 

7 JP Macuana   

10 Rylan Parrott   

11 Teague Plamondon   

12 Jeremy Boczulak   

15 Landon Dobko   

16 Jordy Svenson   

21 Charlie Broda   

22 Zander Hollinger   

24 Ethan Stronach   

25 Sam Henderson   

26 Anteneh Miller   

32 Tyler Kotylak   

33 John Stoll   

34 Hayden Dutchak   

35 Spencer Schick   

40 Jon Lamb   

41 Ethan Schick   

43 Devon Burnham   

44 Hayden Gawel   

50 Cauy Clark   

51 Tyrel Carlson   

53 Avery Stokal   

55 Jonathan Filarczuk   

60 Ty Huber   

61 Josh Novak   

65 Layne Thompson   

66 Matty Starr   

70 Lyster Arenas   

75 Javen Wiegers   

77 Lukas Wolters   

78 Brandon Barr   

93 Dale Meszaros   

97 Noah Dunn